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Welcome to PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc.

It's more important than ever to have an easy to remember, easy to brand domain name attached to your website.

  •   Dictionary words are great!
  •   Two word combinations that target your content or services are perfect.
  •   Try to get both the connected and '-' separated versions of your name. Use whichever makes most sense, but have BOTH point to your website, and submit BOTH to the search engines.
  •   Try to get "related" names or the logical "variations" to protect your branding, and prevent people from confusing your site with another, or from losing type-in traffic. Many of our "PRIME" names are available in groups that accomplish this.

Here you wiil find our collection of PRIME domain names!

NONE of these names are the bogus, hacked together, misspelled or innane names people grabbed thinking to make a million on! These are all top-quality, REAL names. Most are real words, in two word combinations. Others are great puns or word plays. Check them out! We are really proud of them, and the collection as a whole, and especially with the network we will end up with once they are all developed!

Several of the names are in development or co-development by us, or by partnerships. An example of such names are:

If you need custom database-backed website development, please check out our development arm at, and our selection of showcase "Sites in Action".

You can also discuss and share your views on domain names and naming in our new FORUM. Just register and join in!

There are currently 6626 UNIQUE DOMAIN NAMES in 49 Categories for you to choose from!

Some of our names may be for sale, for the right offer. Remember -- good names go fast -- and people who have them (including us) are not always willing to part with them for *any* offer!! These names have not been available for years!

NOTE: POSTCARDS.COM is $15,000,000 firm. We get a lot of offers, we are not interested in less than 7+ figures.

Certain of our other domains may carry equally high tags based on their potential use -- or advertising savings! If a name replaces $5,000,000 in advertising a year, because it's easy to brand, and easy to remember, it's worth a LOT more than first glance would indicate! If you can cut your radio spots from 30 to 15 seconds, and leave a stronger impression in a potential customer's mind, how much is that worth? We feel it's worth a *LOT* and we highly prize and value many of our names because of that.