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Considering making an offer for IMAGINARYARTS.ORG ?

Thanks for visiting, and considering making an offer on "IMAGINARYARTS.ORG". was set up for our convenience, and to provide a central location for all our domain name assets, and DNS failures to end up. Browsing this site, you can see our goals, and directions for a wide-spread and varied set of information networks for people of all ages, from the "Tweens" to Modern Grandparents, and all sorts of hobbies and interests. We are a very varied company, with a long history in the arts, sciences, and teaching.

PUGDOG® Enterprises, Inc. and it's related, partner, or subsidiary companies, is well known in the database-backed website development and customization business, as well as collectibles, hobbies, digital imaging, and many, many more areas. We've been managing on-line information services since 1984, and we've been setting up and developing websites since the early 90's. We are a pioneer in digital imaging, and on-line image distribution and copyrights, and hold several trademarks.

You obviously think we have a winner in IMAGINARYARTS.ORG, and you can understand why we are developing it.

If you'd still like to try to talk us out of it, you may Make an Offer by E-Mail on IMAGINARYARTS.ORG. All offers are unsolicited, and may not be replied to.

Again, we thank you for looking around, or clicking through to our site network(s). We hope you found what you were looking for. If you think it's a DNS issue, it should resolve in 24 hours. If it doesn't, please let us know: via E-mail. Thanks!

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